SelfReliant StratDoc Weekly Strategy Newsletter

Welcome everyone, Alex Kaufman here - I started SelfReliant way back in 2007 with a vision of creating a company that could help people become more self-reliant, by helping them think about how modern technology empowers everyone, and lowers barriers to entry.

So as 2015 rapidly approaches, I've decided to revisit that idea in a new way, and reconnect with folks who haven't heard from me in some time, with a free strategy newsletter I'm calling the SelfReliant StratDoc.  It will contain my own strategic insights on technology use in the context of a complex and rapidly changing world - always a 1-page PDF and always with a 5-point individual action plan - and timely, as any good strategy needs to be.

Your subscription and occasional feedback is my only request.

Looking forward to reconnecting with so many awesome friends and mentors I've met along the way.  Hopefully my writing will add some value to your week, as I know your thoughtful replies will add to mine.

All the best,

Alex Kaufman

PS - The first StratDoc has been written for this week, so please feel free to download and review it before you sign up for the weekly e-mail:

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